The Battle of Kinsale

Posted on Nov 11, 2011


1601 was the year it happened at the start of October
During the nine years war, The thoughts of Cork were far from sober
For an invading fleet was on its way from across the Irish sea
But the people of Kinsale were ready for battle so to meet

They had allied themselves with the Spanish
Of which the English, mortal enemies, swore to vanquish
So on the second day of October the English forces came
The Irish and Spanish, they swore to tame

A bloody battle ensued and lives were lost
Also the flight of the earls at Ireland’s cost
England’s forces dominated once again
Poor old Ireland, old enemy and friend

Protestant against Catholic, always the same fate
Full of bloodshed and dominance, religious hate
Mountjoy against O’Neill, The battle was fought
The old Gaelic order destroyed as was sought

Sadly Ireland was now obedient to Britain’s might
Caught in their dominance of the world they had in sights
The biggest superpower they became for a while
Controlling the seas in impressive style

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