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Flown The Keep

Nov 10, 2011


The old man wise in years Lost so much but sheds no tears Seen a lot in his long life Alone and without a wife He worries about the young The lost children, one his son For they live in a world so blind No future to fight for or even try In the news […]

Animal Slaughter

Nov 10, 2011


Blood has flowed too long in our human race How do we show our cruel and twisted face For do we see animals go to war over land and sea? For oil and other resources? No, they leave us be In Britain three hundred and fifty thousand deer are culled Because of over-breeding, other animals […]

The Poppy

Nov 10, 2011


This week I’ve a bee in my bonnet About remembrance week, the debate’s gone sonic It’s not just about the army, the navy or airforce Or England and the English, but the world of course Let’s not forget those families too Who were left behind to suffer through Never knowing what happened to loved ones […]