The Unknown Soldier

Posted on Nov 11, 2011


The Unknown Warrior in Dover, Kent

The Unknown Warrior arriving in Dover, Kent
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Bullets fly past him as he runs forward
In mud soaked fields he hears calls
From men he knows and men he doesn’t
Someone close by hit by a fragment

This field, this bloodbath he fights in
For family, for country, for King
He knows now the horror of war first hand
As others he knows with their head in the sand

The tomb of the Unknown Warrior lying in state in Westminster Abbey

The tomb of the Unknown Warrior lying in state in Westminster Abbey
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So much he’s seen in the few months past
His young eyes old as back they cast
He fires his rifle into the haze
The rain pours down on this darkest day

Explosions go off all around his path
As he runs onwards forward, he sees a body in half
He wipes away the sweat, the blood and mud from his eyes
Wishing he go somewhere safe and away to hide

Close now he sees the enemies faces close
Into their side, they’ll fight hand to hand most
Two more of his friends fall by his side
This war, this battle, no sense of age or time

Finally he fights hand to hand with an enemy soldier
As the screams and cries come to him now louder
Three he takes down in a self preserving rage
When a bayonet takes him, dead at nineteen years of age

Tombstone of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey

Tombstone of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey
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He died on the eleventh day of the eleventh month
When peace broke out on Flanders fields, stopping the guns
Buried he was in a grave marked unknown soldier
Lost to all he loved, the young warrior

Two years later dug up he was and taken back home
To be buried in Westminster Abbey, not anymore alone
Honoured is he of the highest order as are others too
I thank him everyday for the sacrifice for me and you

Please click here for the Unknown Warrior and here for the Unknown Soldier, of which there are many around the world. There are countless books and websites dedicated to these brave and unknown men who gave their lives for freedom in a war that changed the way in which all future wars were fought, should you wish to research them.

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