Hypocrisy of Hate

Posted on Nov 12, 2011


I listen to your voice, your words of hate
I hear your disgust and your vengeful spate
Your cries of ill feeling and death
Leave my blood cold and soul bereft

You say you’re hard done by through us
You say we’re scum, verbal abuse you cuss
All I hear from you is anti this and that
Whilst we sit and eyelids we don’t bat

You accuse us of so much damage and more
Of crimes worse than any human bore
But all I see is the hypocrisy of hate
Of which is of your undoing fate

Yes, things have been done that were wrong
You always sing from the same sheet of song
Yes we have something that belongs to you
But in reality it’s out of our hands true

First, you have done far more damage to us
Through the years, in the deep misty past
Thousands of lives taken you’ve accused us of
But in reality, through time, you’ve done more

But this is conveniently forgotten by you
Embarrassed you’d be by the cold hard truth
Know your history before you attack cold
Know your story of truth before being so bold

You take our money, our work, our language
In your greed and blindness, worn like a bandage
You forget that we are closely related
To be embraced and not to be hated

I don’t hate your people, your families or you
I love you all for the things you are and do
This has to end somehow and someday
Our children’s future will otherwise pay

You attack the innocent and the weak always
In your bravery of words and weapons of hate
See that small child across the street
She’s your enemy who barely stand three feet

You hate us all you say with words that pierce
In your blind hate you say things so fierce
Man, woman, child, you don’t discriminate
In your words of anger, your hypocrisy of hate

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