Tapping the Tavern

Posted on Jan 4, 2013


A winter sun burns cold
but also warms his soul
As he thinks on home from home
His mind wanders and roams

He thinks on beautiful Kinsale
Ireland’s gourmet capital
No place compares but pales
Where boats bob, some raised sails

This small Cork town he loves
Takes away the feelings so rough
Keeps his spirit in harmony
Gives him a sense of belief

Like a medicine it is to him
Cures all ills and sins
But there’s one place does this more
It’s part of the reason he goes there for

The Tap Tavern puts a smile on his face
As do Brian and Mary, legends both who run the place
The pictures of famous people on the walls
Astronauts and Fergie he does recall

He sits there, Beamish in hand
Talking merrily, listening to a band
Whilst Brian comes in late at night
From his ghost walk, giving tourists a fright

Oh how he wants to be there now
But he’s unsure which way how?
When he does he’ll be there for good
Tapping the Tavern as he always should

Until then it’s in his heart
Waiting for the day his dream can start
In his mind’s eye Kinsale always will be
This place where his soul feels happy and free

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