Wolf Hunt

Posted on Oct 1, 2013


*Dedicated to all those that fight for wildlife conservation against ignorance, fear and greed. Keep on fighting.

The Pack. (Picture from everythingwolf.com)

So it starts again
in the land of the free
Slaughtering those that can’t defend
why can’t they leave them be?

Wyoming have a free for all
they’ll listen for the Wolves call
Their guns blazing in they’ll go
killing all in a ghastly flow

Other states will follow suit
little realising what they’re to lose
This majestic animal, nature’s guardian
is now scared as ever and on the run

Blood will be on their hands
these hunters who have no fans
Sharing pictures of skinned wolves
these bloodthirsty ignorant fools

This is the mentality of Wolf Hunters everywhere. (Picture by baltimorepostexaminer.com)

I’ll shed a tear for wolves everywhere
at the barrel of a gun in which they stare
All they want is to live in peace
to be left alone from human hate and greed

One day soon there’ll be no more
killed by poison, traps and 12-bore
No more howls will be heard
and nothing would have been learned

For the next focus will be the Bear,
the Mountain Lion, others besides, all game fair
Until the human vermin kill all
oh how we are bloodthirsty fools

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