I Am Life

Posted on Nov 24, 2014


A disgusting Wolf Hunt, British Columbia, Canada Picture www.inzanaoutfitters.com

A disgusting Wolf Hunt, British Columbia, Canada
Picture http://www.inzanaoutfitters.com

Why do you hassle
me so
Why do you kill
my kin
Why do you
fear us
Hunt our kind
again and again

I mean you
no harm
I wish only
to live in peace
To be left
To live wild
and free

But time and
again you track us
Hunt and kill
our kind
Never a moment
we can be free
It doesn’t matter
where we hide

Howling Wolf Picture courtesy of www.quick-break.net

Howling Wolf
Picture courtesy of http://www.quick-break.net

I am life
the protector of all
The guardian
of all I survey
But nothing prepared
us for you
Our former friend
now your prey

I am Wolf
I am life
Hear my howl
For it may
be my last
where human shadows

*First published on January 5th 2013 at 10:38 and re-edited on 24th November 2014 at 2000

For information on Wolves and to help fight back against those that hunt for this sickening ‘sport’ please go to the following sites, just some of the many that are around:


Defenders of Wildlife
International Wolf Centre
Wolf Conservation Centre
The National Wolfwatcher Coalition*

*There is a book to buy with many contributors that have given work to help promote and save the Wolf from hunters, ignorance and fear. Click here for the US version and here for the UK one


Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre

United Kingdom

UK Wolf Conservation Trust
The Aspinall Foundation

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