Remember Me review

Posted on Nov 24, 2014


BBC1 thriller Remember me

BBC1 thriller Remember me
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The Storyline

Part one of three of Remember Me, starring Michael Palin as 80-odd year old Tom Parfitt, starts with the sea lapping at a seemingly dead body. The water recedes and the body rises from the sands…

Cut to old Tom Parfitt in his dark and creepy old house that has no electricity or hot water. He seems anxious and fakes a fall down his stairs so he will be put into a care home. As he sets this up, a small seashell rolls down the staircase…

He is moved into a care home and only takes with him an empty old battered suitcase; no clothes, toiletries or anything except what he is wearing. His mood changes to one of relief and happiness when he leaves but this soon disappears when one of the carers seems to commit suicide in his room after giving him a picture from his home.

He realises he has not escaped whatever is in his home…

Another carer called Hannah Ward takes on his care whilst Detective Rob Fairholme investigates the suicide.

Hannah takes a deep interest in Tom’s life and home much to his annoyance. She starts going through his personal effects at his home and notices things that are a bit odd like old pictures turned face down and many copies of the song Scarborough Fair that she plays on his piano. Someone or something is in the house with her though and she hears sounds but chooses to ignore them.

She takes some clothes to him and he tells her to take them back. She tries to sing him Scarborough Fair to cheer him up much to his anger and her distress. He tells her it is too late for her now for she has let it in. But what exactly has she let in?

Meanwhile two boys have broken into his house to steal things and get more than they bargained for when they enter the attic…

Hannah is having family problems with her Mother Jan Ward, an alcoholic and her brother Sean, shutting himself away after the loss of her Father. He asks to sleep in her bed with her and she says yes but later has nightmares of something in her room reaching out for her…

The Review

Straight off I was creeped out by the body rising from the sands.

The grim setting and greys and blacks along with the creepy music made sure the atmosphere and tension was palpable throughout.

Michael Palin was brilliant as the 80-something old man with a dark past we will soon discover. All the characters and actors are brilliant and the writing and style are top notch; a mixture of genres including Nordic Noir and Japanese horror like Ju-on.

If you easily get freaked out by things that go bump in the night and are an uneasy sleeper, do NOT watch it in the dark and avoid cheese if it gives you nightmares! I’m typing this as I lay in bed not long after watching it so I’ll be looking at shadows in the room and keeping those images from my mind. Fluffy bunnies for me tonight!

I shall be tuning in to the next episode on Sunday night although I know I shall be doing so behind a pillow and watching the corners of my room once again as well as the bottom of my bed…

If you have not seen it watch it and be afraid…


Michael Palin as Tom Parfitt, an elderly Yorkshireman
Jodie Comer as Hannah, a teenage care assistant
Mark Addy as Rob Fairholme, a police detective
Julia Sawalha as Jan Ward, Hannah’s mother
Mina Anwar as Roshana Salim, Tom’s neighbour
Sheila Hancock
Jamie Rooney-West as Sean Ward, Hannah’s brother
Ubayd Rehman as Akil Salim


Written by Gwyneth Hughes
Directed by Ashley Pearce

Production Company – Mammoth Screen Production Company