A Reason For Everything

Posted on Nov 23, 2014


Wheel of Fortune Tarot card Picture courtesy of alofsaxu.com

Wheel of Fortune Tarot card
Picture courtesy of alofsaxu.com

I sit and think of the year that’s past
Even further back does my mind cast
Of all that’s been done and all that’s gone
I wonder what road is now right, not wrong

The choices we make are ours to do
But an outside influence can confuse us too
For the path of our destiny is never black and white
We have to choose and do what we believe is right

I personally believe that we are guided by fate
So many paths that we can go down, never too late
But few and far between are these paths and choices
You have to listen hard to those inner voices

So many times chances have been lost
To my frustrated and heartfelt and sorry cost
It’s a brave decision to go with snap decisions
To have faith and belief in that perfect vision

So believe in yourself and listen hard
Go with the flow, with destiny’s dealt cards
It’s all about belief and faith in yourself
In fate and destiny, the path you walk down

Our future’s are ours to do with as we will
Again the right path must be chosen still
So ears open, you must listen to your heart
Maybe then you can get that perfect start

There’s always a reason for everything that happens
So don’t question things too hard on thoughts you sit on
For a future it will bring if you remain positive and true
To all and everything that’s special to you

*First published on October 27th 2011 at 10:40 and re-edited on 23rd November 2014

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