Wild and Free

Posted on Nov 23, 2014


Bear Crossing River, Katmai National Park, Alaska

Bear Crossing River, Katmai National Park, Alaska
Picture courtesy of wallpaperweb.org

Not for me your built-up cities
where people live with insecurities
Far too self-absorbed to notice life
as it passes them by in the blink of an eye

Not for me your Ibiza or Dubai
Places where money goes along with a high
Nothing there but a soulless existence
where people live with false pretence

Not for me the nine to five
where brain cells usually die
And stress builds like a volcano
waiting to explode, ready to blow

No, none of that is for me now
for in it I will drown
Life is wonderful if you know where to look
you can live the life of an unwritten book

Northern Lights in Sweden by night sky photographer Chad Blakley

Northern Lights in Sweden by night sky photographer Chad Blakley
Picture courtesy of news.yahoo.com

For me it’s about the wilds
where I can look through the eyes of a child
Where mountains soar and rivers run
and once again my heart does pump

To hear a Wolf howl in the night
or see a great eagle take flight
A bear cub fishing for salmon in plain
and Whales splash in playful delight

Whilst waterfalls rush over cliffs
Hearing the rush would be bliss
To feel alive amongst all I see
To be like them, wild and free

Alaska and Canada, Norway and Sweden
are places I wish to be in union
Whilst many others sit and wait
as I do to open my long-held-back gates

Husky sledding in Levi Finland

Husky sledding in Levi, Finland
Picture courtesy of http://www.levi-lapland.com

So much to do in so little time
not to do so would be a life crime
Yet money always takes a hold
so these stories can as yet be untold

But a temporary setback it is
for too many opportunities to miss
Where there’s a will there’s a way
I shall have my day

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