The Hunter

Posted on Oct 25, 2014


Hunting Wolf

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The seasons come, the seasons go
come rain or shine or falling snow
He comes to look for food to eat
the hunter knows where’s fish or meat

He smells the air and listens hard
eyes alert, always on the guard
For he knows another this way comes
but he is prepared to defend or run

Suddenly a noise does he hear
alert he is but shows no fear
Something moves to his right
there it is, a bear in his sights!

His mind weighs up this vision
should he run or fight, a quick decision
But he hunts for more than he
so flight it is for his family

He sprints through the wood with grace
to him it’s better to save face
He outruns the bear through the trees
in doing so he disturbs some bees

The bear stops distracted by the swarm
this short sprint has made him warm
His intruder far from him now
he got the message so back to his prowl

The bears nemesis slows to a trot
the prey he seeks just out of earshot
Calm he becomes, the perfect hunter is he
there he sees it, a deer by the stream!

Downwind he stalks out from sight
the deer will get some shocking fright
Closer the hunter gets to his prey
he can’t let this animal run away

He creeps stealthily forward, head down
closer he gets, the deer not alerted by a sound
Suddenly a noise in the wood
of something breaking, this is no good

The deer hears the noise and looks around
the hunter breaks cover before the deer goes to ground
The hunter sprints giving chase to the deer
the deer bounds off giving into fear

The hunter and the hunted become one
in this eternal chase of the hunt
The circle of life these two engage
nature’s children never rage

The deer is quick and escapes by a breath
the hunter just wanted a kill, a quick death
He lopes off to the rivers edge that he knows
where he’s learned to catch fish, something to show

He wolf’s down his catch after a splash
at least with this he didn’t make a hash
Off he heads back to his pack and den
if he’s lucky he’ll catch a hare or stray hen

Amber eyes alert for prey
he’ll live to hunt another day
His pack and pups will eat at least
tomorrow they hunt together and feast

*First published on August 14th, 2011 at 14:20 and republished on 25th October 2014

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