Doctor Who: In the Forest of the Night review

Posted on Oct 26, 2014


In the Forest of the Night Picture courtesy of the BBC

In the Forest of the Night
Picture courtesy of the BBC

The Doctor starts this episode by landing his Tardis in a forest whilst wanting to go to London. He is confused by this and is about to try again when there is a knock on the Tardis door. He opens it to find a little girl named Maebh there who tells him Clara has sent her to look for him. The Doctor speaks to Clara only for her to say she hasn’t and he has in fact landed in London, one that is overgrown with trees that cannot be destroyed by fire.

What, he wonders, has happened, for it is not just London but the whole planet. To make matters worse, a solar flare is on its way to destroy the earth.

With the help of Clara, Danny Pink and a group of kids, the Doctor sets out to try and solve the mystery and save the planet and what he finds out surprises him, as does the little girl who hears voices in her head.

This episode is a very magical one the finds the Doctor about to give up and leave the planet to its doom. You see his pain as he is at a loss of what can be done.

It has wolves and tigers and the Doctor, Clara and Maebh are confronted by them whilst trying to solve the puzzle.

Missy also make another appearance again, watching the proceedings on a screen as they unfold. What is she up to and who exactly is she? We are about to find out over the next two episodes it seems, next weeks the first of a two-parter.

I loved this episode very much. It was very different from the usual fare we get; an almost fairytale quality to it and the whole series so far has been brilliant and much improved. It has gone from strength to strength and I get the feeling Peter Capaldi is only just getting started with the role. I think we will see him grow into the part and take the character to a new level as his tenure continues on. I only hope that he does at least five seasons.

I for one think he is the best Doctor since Tom Baker, along with Matt Smith.

In the Forest of the Night by Stuart Manning

In the Forest of the Night by Stuart Manning
Twitter: @stuart_manning

Peter Capaldi – The Doctor
Jenna Coleman – Clara Oswald

Samuel Anderson – Danny Pink
Abigail Eames – Maebh
Jayden Harris-Wallace – Samson
Ashley Foster – Bradley
Harley Bird – Ruby
Michelle Gomez – Missy
Siwan Morris – Maebh’s mum
Harry Dickman – George
Jenny Hill – Herself
Eloise Barnes – Annabel
James Weber Brown – Minister
Michelle Asante – Neighbour
Curtis Flowers – Emergency services officer
Kate Tydman – Paris reporter
Nana Amoo-Gottfried – Accra reporter
William Wright-Neblett – Little boy

Writer – Frank Cottrell Boyce
Director – Sheree Folkson