Spinning the Wheel

Posted on Oct 27, 2014


Art: The World's Biggest Wheel of Life www.tricycle.com

Art: The World’s Biggest Wheel of Life
Picture courtesy of http://www.tricycle.com

Made a decision
the other day
One that’s been
a long time
in coming
One that needs
to be done

I felt relief
when said out loud
A great weight
lifted from my
Risen from me
and flown away

I need to break
from the cycle
I am in
Otherwise I will
keep spinning the
same wheels that
go nowhere

Risk is a part
of living
And I want to
feel alive again
To breathe the
freedom I have
long sought to find

No more standing at
the crossroads for me
No more will I stay
in limbo
It’s time to live
the life I need
It’s time to break free

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