Echoes of the Last Howl

Posted on Jul 29, 2013


Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf
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He ran.
He ran as fast as his legs could carry him; his tongue flapping as he did so and his breadth coming in deep gasps.
He was used to running and could run and walk for miles and miles but today was different because today he was running for his life.
To make matters worse, he somehow knew that he was the last of his kind and if his pursuer reached him and succeeded in killing him then his species would be no more. He had to keep running. He had to find shelter and he had to sleep. He was also very hungry. He tried not to think on food for it would do him no good if he wasn’t alive to eat it. So on he ran.
There was no need to look back for he could smell his pursuer in the air and knew that Others were with him somewhere too. He knew they would hunt him until he was no more. He wished for the days of the ancestors when they were allowed to run free and shared the land but those that let them be were seen no more. They too had been eradicated for he only heard them in stories told in the howls of the elders. The Others had replaced them and they were spreading like a disease across their territory building huge dens the like of which they had never seen before. Their rivers were tainted and the sky was different for they could not see the gods in the stars.
Some time ago he and his pack had decided to set off for a new home far away from the others who persecuted them but as the days and weeks passed things went from bad to worse.
Snow had fallen heavily and they knew that they would be easy to find and so they had been. Of the nine strong pack, only four made it through to the beginnings of Spring; the others having been trapped and killed by the Others although they couldn’t be quite sure o two of them. It was something they felt though in their very souls.
The four of them had managed to escape and ran for their lives, finally resting in a forest by a river where they hunted for fish to survive. They had to be careful for they scented bear in the area but it was faint and they suspected that they had moved on.
They knew that they couldn’t stay there but one of their number needed rest in her condition. It wouldn’t be long before the Others were upon them and if not them then it would be bears. They were always on watch.
Two weeks later two cubs were born into the world and their small pack became six. There was no way that they could move them at so very young an age but they knew that they had to or risk them dying.
So a few days later they set off, cubs in canines as they fled yet again in the hope of finding peace and to be left alone. Maybe they could find others like themselves and live in harmony with them?
The left behind sanctuary and headed further west, deeper into the wild.

That had been many moons ago; far too many to count and the seasons had come and gone as he had run. He was alone in the world now and it pained him to think back on what had happened.

He heard the noise that came from the Others, the growls from his pack and the yelps from the pups. He saw the Others then as they came with things that made loud noise and harmed and killed his own kind as well as other beings. He saw blood. lots of blood and sightless eyes staring cold into the distance and he saw the pups struggling as the Others grabbed them and broke their necks. He remembered the anger he felt, the pure rage and it was only the dying whisper from his mate that stopped him from attacking. It said, ‘Run, you are the last of our kind…’

And run he did until he could run no more. Until now that was for he heard them again. The Others had found him!

Echoes of the Last Howl

Echoes of the last Howl
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He ran and ran but found himself trapped. Wherever he went the Others had him and were herding him towards others of their kind from where there would be no escape. He looked all around him growling his disdain and a warning to any who got too close. He saw they carried their things that would harm him. That would end his days and nights on this earth. He knew then that he was to be the last of his kind and no more would his howl or others like it be heard ever again in the wild.
No more would wolves run free for man had decimated them all. The song of the wolf had carried to the heavens and all life around stopped and cried for what had been done.
Lifting his great head up, the huge Wolf howled like never before, loud and high into the bright blue sky. The Others looked at the Wolf in awe and hate and aimed their rifles at the animal that they loathed without understanding why or understanding the animal itself.
A shot rang out then and the howl was no more. The grass ran red with blood as the last wolf died, killed by the arrogant and the evil that was mankind. The men carried the Wolf away laughing and joking as life itself stopped to mourn the last true child of nature…