Daemon Winds

Posted on May 17, 2013


Picture courtesy of securitymarketingguru.com

Picture courtesy of securitymarketingguru.com

He awoke this morning half asleep
the daemon winds came a-knocking to reap
Sweeping up all in their wake
next your souls it’ll so take

Out doing battle with it he did do
fought hammer and tongs till he was blue
Objects everywhere blowing at him direct
from all sides they fly to much effect

He battles hard to keep everything down
but in this wind he feels he’ll drown
Struggling to breathe he does gasp
his breath does catch, his voice a rasp

”No damn you, you shan’t win this day!”
”Oh but I will, for I’m at play”
”No damn you, this isn’t a game!”
”Oh but it is to me, it’s all the same…”

The man struggles to stand as he does fight
he does all he can with all of his might
But the daemon winds have their fun
even if he wanted to, the man couldn’t run

So he makes his stand and continues on
never giving up until the daemon has gone
But it huffs and blows stronger still
even when the rain has gone, it’ll bring him to heel

The man grows weaker as he fights on and on
hoping the daemon wind will give in before long
He pins everything down, making it hard for the wind
but the daemon has friends that he’ll surely now bring

The rain god will join in so very soon
as the clouds darken over, covering the Sun and Moon
The daemon laughs at the man in a howling way
”Oh little man, I’ll win this very day.”

But the man so stubborn refuses to listen
to the voices of the daemon winds and their mission
Then the rain does fall and pushes with all its might
against the man the elements give battle and fight

”What a sight to behold,” says a hidden Sun
”I want to help the man, ruin the rain and winds fun.”
”But you can’t,” says the moon, ”not as yet”
”For the man has to fight, so he won’t forget.”

”Forget what?” says the Sun through the noise
”Why, the power of the elements of course,” He says with surprise
”For man has long ruined Mother Earth and beauty she does hold”
”She needs to be held in respect, not left out in the cold”

The Sun sighs as she suddenly understands
that mankind has destroyed too much with its clever hands
Suddenly when all looks but lost
after many hours and at terrible cost

The Sun shines through a break in the cloud
for she can now help, has been allowed
The man and many now know the wrath
they know it to a saddening loss