A Writer’s Escape

Posted on May 18, 2013


Picture taken by the author Darren Greenidge

Picture taken by the author Darren Greenidge

He sits alone by the harbourside
with a pen and pad
Dreaming of a different world
and lives to be had

This the writers escape
the one needed by him so
From a world corrupted to save
so many highs and lows

He looks out across the harbour view
imagining ships of war
Going away from all that’s true
to escape a life that bores

He imagines a hero
fighting for an ideal
For a lost love he did know
his heart she did steal

Suddenly the writer is in that world
he’s living the character’s life
Images do so swirl
as the enemy approaches he does fight

His sword swishes this way and that
slicing the air
blood and cries from the war mad
in his head they stare

Then he’s pulled back to reality
words are written down
As a car beeps past him knowingly
in this beautiful harbour town

He watches the sun melt into the sea
so close yet so far off
He feels a part of all that’s meant to be
but in his words he’s never lost

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