Posted on Mar 13, 2012


**The following is about a scare story told to me and my family when we were kids. It used to scare the bejesus out of us when we were told about Fumph is coming if we were noisy or naughty or it thundered and so on. The pictures we had in our heads then! I’m drafting a story to go with the poem here in more detail. Hope you like it. Happy nightmares.

The little boy
Shook with fear
Held his toys
Ever so dear
For upstairs
He heard a noise
On end his hair
Did he hear a voice?

Outside thunder
Covers under
As the rain pours
His Mum tells him
It’s just Fumph
Come for his sins
So always tell the truth

She says he lives
On a cloud
So no fibs
Be quiet, no sounds
For Fumph is scary
Comes for little boys
Fumph is hairy
Will take away his toys

The boy a monster
He sees in his mind
The lord and master
Of others of his kind
Fumph the dark one
Come for children heard
If naughty or too much fun
A lesson they’ve learned

So beware of Fumph
This dark night
For he’ll have the hump
And give you a fright
Be good and behave yourself
Don’t provoke old Fumph
Who hides in your cupboards
And dark places ready to jump