Bullet to the Head

Posted on May 27, 2013


Picture courtesy of bossip.com

Picture courtesy of bossip.com

This man been
criticized again
Accused of much
but not there to defend

The things they say
make him ill
For he would not hurt
a fly or kill

He would sooner put a
bullet to his head
than harm another
living soul or wish anyone dead

So to be accused
of a reviled act
Makes him uncomfortable
where he’s at

Chinese whispers
turn the rumour mill
Have these people
not had their fill?

He hasn’t done
a thing wrong
But to others
he is too far gone

It make him sad
what other think
No wonder he
turns to drink

What a sad world
we live in
When people lie
from hell to heaven

Tears and frustration
fall down his face
His hands shake
as his fate awaits

He trusts all
with an open heart
Maybe it’s this
that keeps him apart?

Maybe they fear
his honest ways
And so him they
do betray

For what they
fear most is themselves
So others suffer
for their own hell

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