The Beach

Posted on May 27, 2013


The sand soft under his feet

Where the sea and land do meet

Footprints swallowed by the sea

At one with the ocean is he

Durness Beach, Scotland by Darren Greenidge

His feet sink in the sand

So softly, he’s part of the land

He breathes in the air deeply so

Here he feels at peace, at home

Eyes closed his back he arcs

Arms outstretched beats his heart

The drumming is one with the surf

This to him is his rebirth

For a few minutes more he stands alone

The past he has now atoned

Durness Beach, Scotland by Darren Greenidge

Eyes open and straight again

He soul is one, does blend

His feet swallowed by the sea

As he walks away finally free

He walks to the rocks where he fades

Now he’s a spirit of the sea some say

So much to learn, so much to teach

This man, this creature, this spirit of the beach

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