English Born, Celtic Dragon

Posted on May 28, 2013


In this land of England I was born
A country of political sheep and pawns
Blood of Irish and Welsh does course through me
that of a dragon that flies free

Don’t judge me because of my accent
or where I’m from, anger don’t you vent
We can’t be blamed for past mistakes
we’re individuals like you, we don’t hate

What was done in the past was wrong
Scotland and Ireland sing it in song
Whilst the past should never be forgot
the future is important before you rot

If I wanted to blame you for something
then I’d go back further I think
To a time where you raped and pillaged
murdered too from every town and village

The lives you took over two thousand plus years
more than this country took from yours, we shed no tears
For we maybe mixed in race Viking, Norman, Saxon and Celt
but true Britons are we, ancient, in my heart this is felt

You the Vikings, you the Celts wiped out a civilization
A long forgotten people you destroyed, no realization
These people were the Picts and the Fir Bolg
who you decimated in your invasion bold

So when you remember the recent five hundred years past
of what the modern Britons did and shadows cast
Remember all you have done, for genocide it was
the evils your races committed at a forgotten cost

But the time has come to stop the blame
past mistakes are not ours to flame
Think of our future and all we can achieve
it’s time we laid down our anger and so to believe

I am English born with Celtic blood
but a true Briton I believe I am as such
I feel the isles of this nation in my heart
and soul does it warm, this Prydain Fawr I am a part

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