Rise of the King

Posted on May 28, 2013


Picture courtesy of www.glogster.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.glogster.com

This country battered and
In which I was
Ripped apart by all
and asunder
Daily life of
filth and murder

I cry for this
From the south coast
to the highlands
And for those
further off shore
Where legends abound
in folklore

We’re all lost
strayed off the path
As we are torn and
ripped in half
Lapdogs for the
hungry beasts
That on us do
they feast

We hark back
to our distant past
For a leader of
purity our minds cast
A warlord of might
he was
This island was
his cause

This warrior led
the way
Cutting all down
hell to pay
His sword as
famous as he
The innocent and
weak fought to free

Oh for the
rise of the king
For peace and
prosperity to bring
Oh bear of Britain
rise once again!
This island nation
needs you to defend

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