The King of Pop Has Passed

Posted on Oct 30, 2011


* The following poem was first published 26th June 2009 on my personal facebook page and I thought I’d put it up for everyone to see in the wider world.

Michael Jackson, the king of pop
Has passed this sad cruel world
Does anyone ever think to stop
Of his family, friends, his children

Through all the slander, stories and hate
He did good on this earth for many
Yet he was repaid in hurtful slate
He wouldn’t show his pain to any

His grace on the stage, this amazing sage
His music to the planet, a message he did cast
Shall always be here for our ears to engage
A legend has now sadly passed

He suffered as a child
His beatings scaring him to perform
His life wasn’t easy, never mild
Forever though we’ll hear his songs

A life of Peace, of Happiness was what
he craved for us all
Hate and prejudice he fought to
have banished, Love his call

May he find peace in Heaven
An Angel he is now
Showing the winged wonders
How it should be done, they bow

Rest in Peace Michael
Your legacy will forever live on
In the hearts of millions
For those that do believe in your song

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