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Deep Inside

Oct 21, 2011


He hides all deep inside He buries all deep inside He twists and turns deep inside A snake coils around his heart deep inside He can’t run from what’s deep inside He can’t hide from what’s deep inside No escape from what’s deep inside It festers deep inside He’s changed deep inside Fighting daemons deep […]

Why Are People Unkind?

Oct 21, 2011


He questions why people are unkind Why people are treated this way We are all human and bleed the same Is this not what does us bind? Why are people so cruel he does say? Do they somehow have others to blame? Family and friends can be worse he finds They backbite and compete horribly […]

This Beautiful Life

Oct 21, 2011


I look at all that goes before me Wars, political back-biting for us to see The struggles we all fight for everyday Taxed to the hilt, food and oil sky high I wonder at the craziness of all mankind At its stupidity, is it so blind? Poverty and illness across the lands Caused by distrustful […]

An Ode To a Bacon Sandwich

Oct 21, 2011


Oh the smell as it fry’s and sizzles As it creases in the pan With rind on or off, the fat drizzles I’m a bacon sandwich fan Whether crispy or lightly cooked Bacon is a delight to watch Grilled it pops and crackles as you look Your mouth waters on the spot Finally it’s free […]