An Ode To a Bacon Sandwich

Posted on Oct 21, 2011


Oh the smell as it fry’s and sizzles
As it creases in the pan
With rind on or off, the fat drizzles
I’m a bacon sandwich fan

Whether crispy or lightly cooked
Bacon is a delight to watch
Grilled it pops and crackles as you look
Your mouth waters on the spot

Finally it’s free to enter the bread
Or maybe a soft roll for you
Mine is in soft brown uncut instead
The butter melts as you cut it in two

The thick slices are warm to the touch
As you pick up the slabs of brown
Tomato sauce and butter drip out much
Your face looks like that of a clown

The taste is divine as you bite down
Your senses blown into overdrive
The first one gone in seconds now
As you pick up another to demolish in sight

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