Two Tyrants

Posted on Oct 20, 2011


Two tyrants killed in the same year
Separated by months, the locals do cheer
The middle east will now change much
For good or bad, peace should be given more than a nudge

One fell to American hands controversially
Shot with no proof of his body, burned hurriedly
A vacuum in Iraq whilst stragglers fight on
Now in Libya although they sing a different song

Lets hope that all will be well and all are safe
Enough of the bloodshed and all the hate
It’s time to live in a world of peace
That would benefit all, no palms to grease

But you just know that it will be hard
When politicians get involved and play their cards
For they control all that we see
Some of those people will never be free

Proof will be needed for the world to see
As so many have died for their freedom that can be
I hope that they don’t make the mistakes of before
It’s for others to decide on their countries law..

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