Four Years Gone

Posted on Oct 20, 2011


He walks in the autumn sun
Thinking of the four years gone
He can’t believe it’s gone so fast
A space now left, a shadow cast

He walks on the crisp cold grass
Been a while since he’s been last
Moving in the direction of his torment
The world has stopped as if for him meant

He passes by friends and family on his way
Loads of strangers too on this crisp and very cold day
He wraps his scarf tighter around his neck
A few minutes more, his nerves begin to check

Finally at his point of call
He looks down, suddenly feeling small
Four years gone he stares at the name
His heart breaks, he’s never been the same

The grass and the flowers both fresh and wilted
He thinks of the past few years missed
Of lost achievements and grandchildren come
Of one that was born weeks after he was gone

Proud would he have been of these two children
His days they would’ve brightened
The grandson looks down at his granddad’s grave
A time machine he wished he had, a life to save

But instead he sheds a private tear deep inside
For the past four years he did hide
He looks around at all the stones
So many lost, so many he knows…

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