This Beautiful Life

Posted on Oct 21, 2011


I look at all that goes before me
Wars, political back-biting for us to see
The struggles we all fight for everyday
Taxed to the hilt, food and oil sky high

I wonder at the craziness of all mankind
At its stupidity, is it so blind?
Poverty and illness across the lands
Caused by distrustful hands

Our money goes to useless things
We don’t benefit from what it brings
We just work ourselves like paid for slaves
Controlled by shadows, like wraiths from graves

I cry and sigh with a heavy heart
At all I see at my days start
The blood of innocents silt for oil
Watched by the sidelines, it makes me boil

Dictators rule and then they fall
In bed they lied to a governments call
Once they’ve gone, another is placed
For their uses for a new opportunity faced

Land and resources people do die
But it belongs to us all, stop the fight
Who has the right to own land and sea
All is for us to protect from greed

I have hope though in all I see
For there is brightness if you believe
In a child’s smile or a hero’s save
This beautiful life has a path to pave

Green fields or beautiful wildlife
Nature is something worth fighting to strive
As is human life if for the right reasons
Saved for beauty, not for selfish treasons

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