The Wonder of Nature

Posted on Oct 30, 2011


Watching David Attenborough on the TV
I marvel at the animals that are wild and free
On a frozen planet I’ve just seen that world
Amazed at the wonder of nature that does unfurl

Wolves hunt bison in a cold harsh climate
Survival of the fittest, they are watched by a pilot
Killer whales disturb the sea in packs
By creating a small wave to knock a seal off its back

The ice creates a world of wonder
If it’s destroyed it’ll be through mankind’s blunder
The ice melts into the salty sea
Which creates the rain for you and me

Snowflakes blow me away as none are alike
Each individual they fall an amazing sight
Seeing them magnified a hundred times, my jaw drops
The tears of angels these snowflake’s look like in motion stop

Polar bears are solitary animals
Graceful and magnificent, a female they call
For a few weeks they fight off others
Who would take their mate to be their cubs mother

So much more I could write about on this
The wonder of nature can bring me to tears
Amazing, stunning and wondrous to behold
It will leave you feeling warm inside, even in the cold

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