Memories of Childhood

Posted on Oct 30, 2011


I remember as a kid in times innocent gone by
How I’d play in the streets with friends in playful fight
I’d also play in the back garden of my Nan’s
In a coal shed she had, I’d have dirty hands

My imagination was wild wherever I was
Allowed to run free, I was the boss
Innocent times they seemed to be
No health and safety when I climbed a tree

I would play in adventure playgrounds as a child
If I was injured, It was only mild
I’d learn by mistakes, through trial and error
I never had to live in fear or terror

No such thing as a nanny state then
I could roam free at the age of ten
So many things I’d do at a young age
Encouraged to play, no child of rage

Now though there are so many rules
Run by suits, these bureaucratic fools
Who tell parents how to bring up there kids
The memories of childhood are now on the skids

Some parents I know need to be taught
And the world has changed for the worse into we bought
Our children, now lost in a world of computers
Games they play, violent like shooters

It’s not about expensive toys or complex games
But about the mind where imagination reigns
Back to basics we need to go
It’s served us well since humankind was born

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