This Child’s Halloween

Posted on Oct 31, 2011


The boy wakes up for school all excited
He’s dressing up for Hallowe’en, his spirit ignited
Of what the day will bring at his school
And the night when he collects his haul

The day brings games and gifts galore
Bobbing apples made him laugh all the more
Toffee apples and fighting dragons
He laughs and plays with friends onwards

After the games he’s played that day
Off home for more ghostly games
His parents have a party for him and his friends
He hopes this day shall never end

Trick or treat for an hour he does
Back he comes with a haul he loves
Dressed as a ghost was he all day
With holes on the sheet to see what may

He sleeps now soundly in bed
Not scared of monsters or the undead
His tummy full of food and fizzy pop
He dreams are fun, this child’s Hallowe’en not yet stopped

Posted in: Poetry