All Hallows Eve

Posted on Oct 31, 2011


So today is all hallows eve
A day reviled by Christianity
Because they believe it linked with evil
The one they fear who is the devil

The Samhain feis though is nothing like that
It’s about food and celebration, not witches and black cats
For Samhain feis means summer ends festival in Gaelic old
A day to welcome the dead back, stories told

Fires are meant to be burnt across the land
To burn away the old, a party to be had
It’s the old Celtic new year’s eve
A time for renewal, a time to believe

The veil between the living and the dead
Opens up this day, not a thing to dread
It’s a day to greet them once again
To hold those you lost, to tell them words never said

Yes, animals were sacrificed to the gods readily
Then eaten and shared with friends and family
So all hallows eve, better known as Hallowe’en
Is nothing to be feared but to be celebrated and seen

So don’t go fearing monsters in the night
Or things that go bump and give you a fright
Don’t listen to false ideas from religious zealots
Research the subject before you throw in your lot

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