An Unexpected Meeting

Posted on Oct 31, 2011


The night draws in as he readies for home
To an empty flat, all alone
For a few hours he’ll relax before sleep
Before he knows it, morning it’ll be

He walks up the mile past pubs and bars
People bustling by as are cars
The castle high atop the road
The royal mile has a steady flow

To hell with it he thinks as he walks
He’ll pop in a pub, read the paper or talk
For the city is buzzing tonight
Maybe he’ll meet someone who’ll put his world right?

He orders his drink and some food as well
A simple fare but a lot they sell
As he finishes his last morsel
Slipping back in his seat, in a girl walks cool

Suddenly alert he looks her way
But she doesn’t notice him on this day
He’s seen her before somewhere he knows
But not sure where, his mind a bit slowed

She’s with a friend as they order at the bar
Now he remembers, this girl admired from afar
She’s the one he sometimes sees in the morning
As he walks to work, she smiled catching him yawning

He’s now undecided whether to stay or go
Maybe he’ll make his move but hopefully not a show
God, he’s out of practice, never good at this
If he counts his chickens, he’ll get that cheeky kiss

So another drink does he order, finding out what the girls had
He buys theirs also, taking them over, hoping he doesn’t seem sad
They look surprised by this, smile and thank him
What did he have to lose but try, his heart now for her aching

They look over at him as they drink
He wonders what they talk about, what they think?
A few minutes later they make to leave
The one he likes comes back, his heart now leaps

A number he gets and a little chat
A time and a date, thrown into the hat
He’s full of the joys of the autumn night
He stays for another, a reason to celebrate

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