A Friend Long Missed

Posted on Nov 1, 2011


He’s been thinking of a friend long missed
The one he met after his twenty-first
Met him in a pub did he so long ago
Never a day passes by where he thinks of him so

He remembers their conversation when they met
About Frasier, the comedy they laughed at, well met
They drank for an hour then moved on elsewhere
Promising to meet again, a drink and stories to share

Over time their friendship grows into something good
Like all great friendships so should
They would talk of things some friends wouldn’t
Or felt like they wouldn’t listen or couldn’t

He was a musician known to many far and wide
The guitar he’d lose himself, his axe to grind
He’d play away, lost in the music
Never once did he lose it

He also worked for a music magazine
Where he met many in the music scene
He’d tell me stories of his adventures
Of which he’d often be at the centre

Words were also his passion as well
Short stories and lyrics under his belt
The Times crossword he’d complete in a flash
This wordsmith and musician would give all a bash

A guitar he went with me to buy
To teach me to play, to give it a try
A man of intellect and patience was he
Never judged anyone, as friends should be

Then one day he was taken away
Before his time, taken by fate
A man as great as he had so much to give
But it wasn’t to be, his life had been lived

I remember the times with smiles and pride
I remember him as a friend who could confide
He was a friend as special as any have been
A friend long missed, in heaven he’s seen

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