Posted on Nov 1, 2011


Soon it’ll be Guy Fawkes night
Just a few days away
Fireworks explode in the sky
By bonfires kids will play

Soon they’ll eat toffee apples as well
Along with burgers and hot dogs
Smiley faces all around
Whilst faces glow around the fires burning logs

Soon that day will pass into the Christmas run-up
People running around like headless chickens
For the silly season will be upon us
And all the usual Dickens

Soon after the turkey and the Christmas pudding
That will leave us all bloated
After boxing day and all the food off we sleeping
Then back to normality for a few days

Soon it all starts again with new years eve
And all that goes with this crazy day
Hangovers and food galore, our belly’s no reprieve
From October till December’s last day, we do play

Soon it’ll all be over including all in-between
Only to begin again on January’s first day
For we’ll fall back into the cycle of conformity
Working to afford all these things to pay

Soon though all could be different if we want it to be
We could change our ways and do as we want
If we choose this option of this cycle to be free
Then what would our lives be like, would we lament?

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