His Life in Twelve Months

Posted on Nov 2, 2011


January arrives as it always does to him
Empty and strange the year does begin
He passes through the month like a wraith
Invisible to all, this quiet month doesn’t pay

February the month kisses him by
No loves for him, no tears to cry
But short is it, he doesn’t care
He works solidly for that plane fare

March the month of the mad hare comes
Into the year he’s having some fun
Off to Ireland for St Patrick’s day
If only he could longer stay

April the month of showers does pour
Birthday and nights out galore
He sails though through it okay
It helps that he has friends with to play

May the month of his birth is here
Another year gone, he celebrates with beer
Away he goes to mountains and sea
To a land of dreams that he longs to be

June is flaming as Wimbledon begins
Balls back and forward as the crowds cheer
The heat rises to a un-sleepable heat
He wishes he was by a cool sea breeze

July Wimbledon does end with brilliance
Men and women fought like hero’s valiant
By a canal he sits with friends
Soaking up the rays, the month finally ends

August the month of gigs galore he does go
His own trumpet he does blow
Trips away by the sea
Watching the sun go down on this month does he

September is a funny old time
Everything ends and starts, mountains to climb
School ends and so begins
For him life’s a circle, a journey he rides in

October the month of witches and ghosts
Parties and apples to bob at with him the host
The Celtic year ends with celebration and grace
As the new month comes knocking, showing it cold face

November arrives with a bang from above
Fireworks and bonfires that everyone loves
Drinks and barbecues are on the go
Everyone smiles including him, not the animals though

December jingles its way here
People excited for the Christmas cheer
Children look to the skies for Santa
He enjoys the break and banter

So this is his life in twelve months
Looking at it this way he does cuss
Because it’s the same every year
He needs to change, a new direction to steer

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