The Peace Of You

Posted on Nov 5, 2011


Been listening to you close my friend
And how you’ve been put down once again
By those who you thought had crossed a bridge
Nothings that easy is it, those that bear a grudge

If I were you, I’d ignore them all
For they’re not worth this planet they crawl
As they shame those they claim to love
They, the greedy, No true peaceful dove

So do what you do best and follow the dream
Be at peace, leave your soul clean
Forgive those that disappoint you so
No bad emotions should you them show

Don’t always believe what you read or hear
Listen to your heart and hear it clear
Time is short on the revolving earth
A long time since your day of birth

I hope and pray that you’ll be okay
That you’ll find the peace you need someday
When you can finally lay the past to rest
Leaving others to play the foolish jest

The insecurity of others is not your fault
Not a problem that you should be caught
There is only one thing you should hold true
Those you love and the peace of you

For Julian Lennon

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