They Beat No More

Posted on Mar 22, 2013


*My homage to the Beatles, one of the greatest bands that ever has been.

The four of them sang about love, love, love
Love is all you need
But down that long and winding road
They took different paths
Can you imagine?

One asked for peace and war to end
But one Christmas a bullet took his life
And the war was over for him
Now his woman weeps as does the world still

Another asked for the same saying
Money can’t buy you love
Now his guitar gently weeps (as do we)
Everything must pass…

But there’s another two in the day of a life
Of the ex lonely hearts club band
They can still give joy to millions of us
No more lonely nights we no need to shout
They should ask for a little help from their friends

One sang for the Queen on her golden jubilee
Bringing back memories that made us all come together
So come on, sing us more songs
Don’t end up like Eleanor Rigby

The drums need to beat once more
If you need help just ask
Don’t submerge in that yellow submarine
We need to hear those skins beat once more

This boy wants to hear it again
Sons there are to carry the name
So get back to where you once belong
Be free as a bird like dreamers do

Picture courtesy of strawberry-guides.blogspot....

Picture courtesy of strawberry-guides.blogspot….

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