Baby Don’t Cry (Hush Little Lana)

Posted on Mar 22, 2013


Oh baby don’t cry your tears
Sleep away the pain my dear
Shall sing you a lullaby to sleep
So please little baby don’t you weep

Awake you are feeling ill
A sleepless night affects you still
All will be fine when you sleep
Close your eyes and count those sheep.

Hush little Lana close your eyes
Softly singing you to bye bye’s
Dream will you in the land of sleep
Hush little Lana, not a peep

In this dreamland you will play
On fluffy white clouds of candyfloss you lay
You wrap up tight to the fairies of song
Singing you to sleep your eyes close and gone

A peaceful sleep I hope you get
A guardian angel watches you yet
So be strong our little one
I’ll see you with the rising sun…

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