Will He Ever Rest In Peace?

Posted on Oct 14, 2011


So the trial goes on for the doctor who allegedly did wrong
Evidence stacked high against him for killing the man and his song
His sits in the dock poe-faced against the mountain he must climb
Whilst his lawyer tries and fails miserably to defend over time

But the trial is a farce reminiscent of an actor years before
Where he was put on trial for killing his wife and more
He was seen escaping from the crime on that sad horrible day
But in court all was stacked against him, he was gonna pay

Then the trial became a farce and he got acquitted
Even though it looked like the crime he had committed
The same thing seems to be happening here, all against him
But as usual a shambles has ensued, could get away with this sin

The singer and the song has been dragged through the mud
His personal life open for all to see, his addiction to drugs
But people will believe what they want to when it comes it
Watching the trial on tv you see all the pieces fit

Imagine how hard this is for the families involved
Watching the trial it leaves your blood running cold
Money has been mentioned a lot through this trial
And incompetency through care, my throat feel bile

Will he ever rest in peace while this continues to go on
Or will it be forever brought up, an eternal bad song?
Must hope that justice will be done as it should
Hoping that his legacy will live on, the trial to end soon

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