Loon and a Balloon

Posted on Jan 21, 2014


*The following is a fantasy idea I had in a dream a follow-up will be forthcoming, maybe with a third and final part as well?

Picture courtesy of desktopwallpaperz.com

Picture courtesy of desktopwallpaperz.com

Hey you loon
floating away on your balloon
Pink hair whipping away
in the wind of yesterday
Off on an adventure once again
on a mission sent
Fighting ogres and other things
as the wind your song does sing

You look below to the ground
to a magical land and crazy towns
Trees dance in the night
as rabbits bounce away in fright
You’re off to seek a wish
and find that destiny’s kiss
Hoping your balloons don’t pop
otherwise all may be lost

Below you see a crazy hare
shouting and waving at a chair
He doesn’t see you you think
as down to earth you finally sink
You shout at the hare to move
but the battle with gravity both you lose
On his head you land
with a bump on some sand

Picture courtesy of www.fanpop.com

Picture courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

The hare he looks to be fine
although his words are not kind
“Look where you’re going Loon,” he says
as he rubs his head slightly grazed
He asks you of your quest
and tells you of his mess
His chair keeps running away
in his hole it refuses to stay!

So you suggest tying it down
with this the hare does frown
“But then it wouldn’t be free and
who would but make my tea?”
So it goes on in this way
turning into a maddening game
Finally the chair goes off in a huff
jumping into the basket in a rush

All three go off together
on a crazy adventure
Searching out a magical wish
home or the past they don’t miss

And so the adventure begins

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