Loony Tunes and Mad Hares

Posted on Jan 26, 2014


*The following is a follow up to another poem I did on the Loon and his adventure in a balloon. You can view it here but for now here’s to his second adventure in a faraway land with a Mad Hare and his wayward chair…

Dog Man Guard

Picture courtesy of byricardomarcenaro.blogspot.co.uk

The balloon crashed long ago
caused by a fire-bird blowing a hole
Its occupants safe and sound
landing firmly on the ground
As the fire-bird laughs and sings
the travellers wonder what this land will bring?

A few hours later they walk by a lake
where a dog with a human body sits by a gate
He barks at them to stay where they are
asking their business in these here parts
They reply they’re on a jolly jaunt
to this shaggy guard man-dog with face all gaunt

Loon asks him what he guards
and the man-dog does then laugh
“Why, don’t you know?” says he
“It is the city of the Fish People see.”
“The fish People?” says Loon intrigued
as the Mad Hare nods his head sideways in disbelief

“Fish People, pah! says the Mad Hare
as the man-dog looks on and glares
“Don’t ever speak ill of the sacred ones,
under eye of the benevolent one.”
“Now your talking nonsense,” says the Mad Hare
But above and around did he nervously stare

The man-dog glowers at him
and stands firm once again
“The benevolent one guards them all,
even us, mere simple fools”
He breathes deeply, hand on spear
for nothing does he much fear

“Now on your way, be off with you!
but be wary of which road you choose.
For one leads to a kingdom of tears
and another leads to one of fear.
But there is another hidden from view
this the one you must pursue…”


Picture courtesy of shooarts.deviantart.com

And with that they are off once again
on an adventure with mysterious end
Loon, a Mad Hare and their crazy chair
off they jaunt without a care
unaware though of eyes all around
from above and below, tress to ground

For they are followed by enemies unknown
and they are far from friends and home
What awaits is more than they can perceive
they may wish that they never did leave
So to the paths they do find
but only two they see, the other beyond sight

And down the one of fear they go
no way back from this dangerous road
And followed by shapeless things
where no birds dare play or sing…

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