A Babies Babbles

Posted on Oct 5, 2014


Baby girl

Picture courtesy of Pubzday.com

The wee small girl barely a year old
Plays a little game ever so bold
Throws her food on the floor
Laughs away wanting more

She make noises sounding like oh?
A cheeky little grin, how she smiles so
Claps her hands in triumph and glory
When she gets older, I’ll tell her a story

She babbles away in her babies tongue
Oh how it would be good to be that young
I always wonder what she thinks
As she chats away and plays with her things

She kicks and claps and giggles away
Grabs her bottle, she could drink all day!
Then off to sleep she goes after play
And dreams of things of what I can’t say!

She awakes again only after a nap
Ready to cause mayhem, eat as if food is on tap
She smiles at music, loves a tune
I hope she doesn’t grow up too soon…

*First written and published 13th October 2011

Posted in: Poetry