Is This Real Or Just A Bad Dream?

Posted on Oct 5, 2014


Sad man

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He can’t believe it’s been four years
since his father has gone
Still so surreal that he passed
into another realm
He knew though that the day would
come for fate to claim him before long
And now he’s left a son to rule,
left lost at the helm

His father lived his life
as best he could
But he was a stubborn
Listening wasn’t a strength
as it should
Have been, wanting help
but refusing the hand

Now he’s gone to
another place
Leaving behind sadness
and confusion
His son stares at a picture,
at his father’s face
To keep alive something,
willing the illusion

Is this real or just
a bad dream?
Wondering around like
a ghost
Nothing is what
it seems
Lost along his
minds coast

He hopes his father is
happy now where he is
With his Mum, Dad and Brother
in heavens thrall
Shining in the sky bright
as an exploding star
In there his heart will
never sigh and fall…

*First written and published 12th October 2011 and has been slightly altered

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