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If Only I Could Turn Back Time by wildheartfreesoul

If Only I Could Turn Back Time by wildheartfreesoul

If she could go back in time at what point would she go?
Would she change things by a mile or a little to atone
So many mistakes she has made, so many to correct
A past she’d change, a better future to collect

If he got the chance to prove himself to others, he would
But no-one will let him, he wishes he could
All he was is the opportunity to show what he can do
But doors slam in his face, about him they haven’t a clue

A boy watches the so called talent show on the TV
Amazed at how talentless those people can be
He sits and strums his guitar, writing his own tunes
If only he was given a chance, a future he could groom

The girl practises all day long to the sweet music
Dancing to the tune, she’s scared that she’ll lose it
She missed out on the audition, due to many reasons
If only a chance she could have, the ballet she’d lead on

If the old man turned ninety could turn back time
He’d change the past, for he committed a crime
In a battle did he fight, surviving by the skin of his teeth
But he left a friend, his crime, to die, in life he lost belief

If we could all go back to change things then we would
Most of us do lie when we say we never should
For to them it’s a pointless exercise to thing of the past
Some don’t dwell on things to the future their eyes are cast

But the past is where we learn our mistakes
If we could stop time then we’d hit the brakes
Time flies in the blink of an eye
Passing us fast, if only we could try

But the focus isn’t just about the past
For we struggle in this world, chances don’t last
Few and far between are they now
If only there were more, we’d use the, if and how

*First published 25th October 2011

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