When I Was Young

Posted on Nov 8, 2014



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I was reminiscing about when I was young
A child of ten who had loads of fun
In a safe environment playing with my toy gun
A child of eight who enjoyed the sun

I used to climb trees in my garden
Left to play without a worry of strange men
I would play along the streets a child of ten
With my friends who would fight and defend

I could walk the streets in the dark
The only noise a dogs noisy bark
My family knew that I was safe in the park
Oh how I wish I could go back to play and lark

I remember being that child of eight years old
Playing kiss-chase with girls, Oh I was sold!
They Charlie’s Angels once, I the thief who stole the gold
The age of innocence so we’re told

Fell in stinging nettles once as a kid
Stung all over, hurt my rib
Cried for hours as this hurt to bits
Got back up again and played like bandits

Today though you can’t do this
Health and safety would this dismiss
For they would say a child you remiss
Take you to court for negligence and hiss

Time has changed I think for the worse
Where we can’t do much now with being cursed
Our kids will never know imagination diverse
Because they are told not to immerse

*First published on August 31st 2011 at 12:48 and re-edited 8th November 2014 at 1827

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