Bonkers Conkers

Posted on Oct 14, 2013


Bonkers Conkers

Bonkers Conkers picture by the author Darren Greenidge

He walks by the riverside, jacket wrapped tight
past ducks and geese, the latter gives him a fright
With its loud squawking noise and flapping wings
he moves a bit faster, away from trouble it may bring

The noise dies down slightly as he passes a girl
she sits reading a book, her hair does she twirl
He looks at her briefly, trying to catch her eye
her long dark hair flows over her shoulders, he sighs

Moving on past a man and his little dog
and a woman out for a lonely jog
He kicks at some golden brown leaves
fallen from autumn’s colourful trees

He came out to clear his head in autumn’s freshness
to rid himself of all the infernal messiness
This being a favourite time of year
maybe he’ll find a pub, a fire, have a beer

He see’s some kids throwing sticks up at trees
aiming at conkers they are trying to free
All these kids are bonkers conkers he smiles
as he walks past them and on for another mile

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