The Hanging Man

Posted on Sep 21, 2013


*So the dark autumn nights draw in and I thought I’d do a supernatural poem. I hope you like it?

The Hanging Man

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The children play by the woods
just by the old executioners hood
A tree said to be here he plied his trade
and where legend was made

But it’s the old house across the way
where these children dare not play
For it’s said that there’s a curse
and where screaming can be heard

A ghost is said to haunt the place
of a hanging man with no face
swinging, swaying from the beams
scares all that have seen

This man, unknown is he
the beam said to be from the hanging tree
Appears to those on darkened nights
giving more than just a fright

So the children play truth or dare
those that lose go into the lair
Where they feel icy cold hands
in the house of the Hanging Man

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