The Stubborn Bull

Posted on May 2, 2013


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For a few days now he has refused to move
this stubborn bull refuses to lose
In his anger and stupid reasoning
alcohol he consumes, to him pleasing

Enough he’s had of the bitter and nasty
their minds and words always ghastly
In wintertime and close to years end
the same old things he has to defend

He downs another brandy to warm his soul
not just from the winter, but from thoughts cold
He’s so very tired of all he sees
other people he feels he has to please

Then when he does something for himself
anyone would think he’s raising the devil and hell
Happiness for others has always been his way
but sometimes he would like his own day to be made

But the fight is always never far from him
and the temptations that lead him astray, to sin
But sometimes when all is quiet and still
he can see clearly his future to build

All he knows will be fine very soon
happiness and prosperity will be his boon
Now he walks home in the rain
the water washing away the pain

A warm bed and dreams await
with the latter, his future fate

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