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The White Stag

Jun 13, 2013


The following poem is based on a short story I wrote for an anthology I am doing to be published hopefully sometime in 2013 along with a long running project that should have been finished a long time ago; a novel set in the Scottish Highlands about murder, conspiracy and the supernatural. It’s my first […]

Rise of the King

May 28, 2013


This country battered and torn In which I was born Ripped apart by all and asunder Daily life of filth and murder I cry for this island From the south coast to the highlands And for those further off shore Where legends abound in folklore We’re all lost strayed off the path As we are […]

Dragon’s Breath

May 12, 2013


The children won’t go near the cave for legends abound of what come may In the cave of the druid Merlin of which there are many stories about him That he controls a great beast on the blood of enemies does feast And if you look closely at night you can see two orbs of […]

Mayday, Mayday

May 1, 2013


Beltane Mayday Light and shadow Fires burned and spirits flow This Celtic festival renews all And darkness from light does fall Dance around the Maypole

Tap, Tap, Tap

Mar 26, 2013


The boy he goes to bed On a dark October night Tries blocking voices in his head He doesn’t wanna see scary sights The girl has been told a story By her dad of ghosts It was so very scary The tap, tap, tap scared her the most They both dive under the sheets This […]

The Witching Hour

Mar 17, 2013


*The following poem is based on a local legend around my home town and is based also on the last highwayman to be hanged in England and I believe Britain entirely. There’s a link at the end if you are interested in finding out more about Robert Snooks. I hope you like it. The witching […]

Caliburnus Rises

Mar 14, 2013


I see this world and all it holds The trouble it brings a hundred fold Not a saviour to rescue us Our downfall imminent, turn to dust I though believe in the once and future King And the future that he promised to bring A warrior king from Britain of old This man, this legend […]

Moon Rising

Sep 6, 2012


He’s feeling different Has been for a while Something he can sense Across many miles His hearing sharp Like his eyesight Quick at catching carp He can see in the night But every so often With the moon rising Fat, full, like a song He hears something calling It’s then the pain comes Excruciating and […]

Old Hag

Jul 18, 2012


Asleep in bed he suddenly awakes Eyes flash open in alarm Something in the room with him That wishes to do him harm Pitch black it is Frozen, he cannot move at all Only his eyes will move His voice cannot even call Paralysed and afraid There moves a figure as black as night Slowly […]

Darkest Lust

May 28, 2012


The night draws in and with it the cold As everyone retires to their beds For one of them something will hold her between life and death For her dreams shall be nothing to this As the horrors of repressed nightmares will now surface Baring its all to her Long has it waited for this […]