Caliburnus Rises

Posted on Mar 14, 2013


I see this world and all it holds
The trouble it brings a hundred fold
Not a saviour to rescue us
Our downfall imminent, turn to dust

I though believe in the once and future King
And the future that he promised to bring
A warrior king from Britain of old
This man, this legend was ever so bold

His feats, his status now a myth and dream
Told to inspire a generation lost it seems
His knights await to ride with him still
From Glastonbury Tor, hands on their hilts

The Bear of Britain sits and patiently waits
For the call that will free him from his Gaol gates
To ride free from a prison of immortal eternity
His wife Gwenhwyfar by his side a certainty

His friend, his mentor, his eternal guide
Myrddin the druid his time does he bide
His power old long before the night
He now awaits to advise this fight

The eternal struggle between light and dark
Has he been right from the start
Arthur, the bear, the leader he loved
As a son he guided him with a gentle shove

Arthur holds his sword tight in helpless wonder
At what the world holds for him now, does he shudder
This though is the time to rise and claim
This land ancient and old he needs to tame

Caliburnus rises at last once again
Its power felt from Cornwall to the Scottish Glens
The sword belongs to the land
As does Arthur with Excalibur again in his hand

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